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  1. Verastella

    Towny Daily Quests

    Can disregard. Some of the changed daily quests got nerfed.
  2. Verastella

    Mob Cap and Mechanic Changes

    List of known mob caps and notable mechanic changes (from vanilla) for the Towny world. Do let me know if I'm wrong or if any changes need to be made. Mob Cap General: 25 in 8x8x8 Bee: 10 per chunk Wither: 3 per chunk Mechanic Changes - Raid cooldown every 3 minutes
  3. Verastella

    Pixelmon Tokens vanishing after Log Off

    Happens to me too. Is Pokebuilder added correctly? There's no prices for the stuff either so I'm not sure how much is needed.
  4. Verastella

    Pixelmon End Portal Bug

    IGN: Verastella Overworld xyz: 14288 34 -349 Placed all ender eyes into the portal yet no portal showed.
  5. Verastella

    Towny Daily Quests

    IGN: Verastella Gamemode: Towny Description: Revert old quests back. I'm all for the new daily quests but I don't think the old ones needed to be changed or made grindier. There's a difference between making things more interesting/engaging and making things annoying. No point making dailies...
  6. Verastella

    Pixelmon Legendary Spawntimes and Spawnrate Question and Suggestion

    If I read it right, the default base rate was 30%. Think it was changed cause some people said it spawned too frequently.