Towny Add biome changers


New member
1. Your IGN: Sadbri
2. Gamemode Suggestion is for: Towny
3. Description: Could we have a biome changer wand? I can’t find a plugin on spigot that supports 1.18 but it could be run through commands or a custom plugin. A lot of players use pyrofishing and from experience some fish can only be found in certain biomes and would help with tournaments allowing players to change a chunk into a specific biome. This could help players who don’t have access to loads of homes they can set around the map. Wands could be added to the noblecoins store or won through crates. Additionally, it would allow players to get particle effects in certain chunks, for example setting a biome to the nether basalt biome would add white particles to the chunk.
4. Image/Video (optional)