Intro :D!


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Hello! I'm Twilight72 :)!

I joined NobleRealms, specifically towny, in the middle of October 2021. I own the town of Mushroom, the mushroom themed town! Besides playing towny all day everyday, I'm also into shows like Komi Can't Communicate, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Little Witch Academia, and Ouran HighSchool Host Club! I also like the backrooms and other horror related things and games (even though I'm a big scaredy cat haha!) I also like a few different rpgs but I'm unsure if I'm allowed to list them and I've already made this long enough so I'm gonna end it now :D. I'm looking forward to seeing more intros from you all and I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

That's all <3! Bye :)