Jarad Introduction


Staff member

My name is Rob aka Jarad and I started on Noble Towny a little over two years ago now. Pre-reset I built the town Savannah solo which was a proper built city, man built rivers and a large container ship. After I finished with the town I launched a war on TheFishBowl (built a military base off of their borders was about 30+ chunks away) and escalated to the same occurring with Avalon. After Pixelmon came out in Jan 2021 I moved over there and became helper mid 2021. Prior to being helper I began hosting small Pixelmon tournaments weekly with prizes as my personal items but once 0li had promoted me we were able to conduct true tournaments with genuine prizes. Eventually I began helping 0li with things back end on Pixelmon and configured playtime rewards, player perms, in game ranks, building Pixelmon spawn with Chronic as well as building SatoSol with interior design help from Grim/Myst/Quoted. Along with tournament like events, I’ve also built a large maze for our Halloween event that included trainer battles and pokeloots. Quoted had the idea of creating a time based Pixelmon quest. He showed me how the quests were written and we learned how to create these custom quests. Post-towny/pixel-reset I began playing again and here we are today.

I apologize this is long but thanks for participating in this Ted Talk.

ps: I can add photos of my builds I’m discussing once I get to my laptop