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This is the basic rules list for all of NobleRealms servers and associated scenarios and thus must be followed when carrying out any actions within our Minecraft server. Common sense should be used when following the rules as not all situations and rules can be categorized here. A full list of rules for each server can be found in-game using /rules

  1. Usage of illegal modifications is not permitted
  2. Do not advertise other minecraft servers or services
  3. Keep swearing to a minimum. Bypassing blocked words is not permitted
  4. Sending or spreading any form of IP grabbers or scam links is not allowed.
  5. Usage of hacked clients is not allowed.
  6. Do not spam in chat or spam players/staff in PM/Mail
  7. Scamming other players is not allowed.
  8. Harassment / Inappropriate language toward staff or players is not permitted.
  9. All forms of griefing are not allowed
  10. No racist, sexist prejudicial, or generally bigoted comments are permitted.
  11. Abusing exploits (Block glitching, duplication, etc) is not allowed.
  12. Creating and using lag machines is not allowed.
  13. Sharing other players' personal information in any way is not allowed.
  14. Inappropriate skins/names are not allowed
  15. Ban or mute evading is not allowed.
  16. Encouraging other players to break rules is not allowed.
  17. Do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff member.
  18. You may not use alt accounts.
  19. Players are not allowed to take Vehicles into the spawn region. If Vehicles are left here, staff will remove them and they won't be given back.

Please remember to be respectful to all our server members. If you have questions or would like to suggest a rule to be added to this list please contact a staff member. This list is subject to change so please make sure you keep up to date with this post.
Not open for further replies.