Pixelmon Legendary Spawntimes and Spawnrate Question and Suggestion


Do Legendaries only spawn 1 or 2 times per day?
My boyfriend and i found out that 1 Legendary only spawns at around 5:10pm (17:10 CET) and maybe 1 a few minutes later but the rest of the day nothing.
Is that supposed to be the normal Spawnrate for Legendary Pokemon?
It is really frustrating to wait for a specific Legendary to Spawn in only for it to spawn at exactly the Timeframe i for example can't always be on my Laptop. Probably many other People too.

If so, is it possible to make the Spawn Chance for Legendaries a little higher to let them spawn more often?

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So to partially answer, every few minutes a chance to spawn a legendary 'mon is "rolled." The rate at which this roll happens depends on how many players are online. With more players online, this may be around 10 mins or so. With very few or one online, its closer to 20-30 mins. When this timer is up, there is currently a 10% chance that a legend will spawn. There is then a further breakdown on which legend spawns, which is dependent on what biomes the players on the server are in. For instance, during the daytime... if one player was in extreme hills and another in jungle, the chance would be 10% for a spawn to occur, and a 50 50 chance of that mon either being mew (jungle) or entei (extreme hills). If there were two people at that jungle biome and one at the extreme hills, it would instead be 66-33 in favor of mew. This gets more complicated as there are more players online in varying biomes and at both above and below ground areas.

There is a command you can unlock through the rank progression which is /checkspawns legendary this shows what legends are able to spawn, and the timer on when the next spawn is.
Thank you, but i already knew that. We were online mostly with 3 to 5 Players in the Time i was Online yesterday. The only Time a Legendary spawned was like i said at around 5:10pm (CET) while i was online for around 10 hours by that time. My boyfriend and i saw that happen for 3 days in a row now that a legendary only spawned between 5pm and 6pm CET. I just think that this 10% Chance for a Legendary to appear is too low.