Player report

1. IGN: qxvClamity
2. Player Reported: Hondo2476
3. Rule broken: Unfair kicking from server
Story & evidence:
I joined this server to play with my girlfriend WearyCherry. When she got me to join she had to go do something in her house so I ran around the area that she teleported me to for a little bit, I asked in chat what the point of these custom trees were for. (Granted they do look really cool but don't function very well) After some time passed WearyCherry came back to her desktop, I ran around for a little bit auto clicking on things with my mouse. I know auto clickers aren't allowed but pvp is disabled and tools don't break blocks quick enough for my auto clicker to break anything. Not to mention even with pvp enabled the clicks are too quick for minecraft to do any actual damage. I then received a kick/warning from Hondo2476. Which I accept because auto clickers even with excuses for using aren't exactly fair. Sometime passes by as I'm playing with WearyCherry, just building a house for what I'm assuming is her friends, then someone proceeded to say in chat that they needed "crack". Two others replied including someone named Paper with "..." I then proceeded to try be funny and lighten the mood and say "Cracked stone bricks". Few seconds later I was kicked and warned with no more warnings. I'm sorry for reporting this but this is just an abuse of power. Since my first kick I have not used any autoclickers or anything else. I've stayed pg with the whole time I've been in this server. No right to kick me for nothing. I joined back and asked hondo himself/herself why i was kicked and the reason for such kick is attached by photo. I don't have any more of the chat since I was looking for a way to report this and couldn't figure it out. The time is 12:33PM Australian Eastern Standard Time and the date is 14/06/2022. I strongly suggest you look at chat logs and mod logs because this is just straight up an abuse of power.



Staff member
I was online when this happened. You were setting off the anti-cheat again which is why you were kicked a second time. This was not an abuse of power, Hondo was doing their job. Please ensure any and all hacks are turned off when joining the server so you do not set anything off.


Staff member
And in my defense you openly admit to using a auto clicker witch is also not allowed. I'm sorry you feel slandered but was not aimed specifically at you with harmful intent