Remove chunks resetting when a town falls.


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IGN: EdgeySmurf
Gamemode: Towny
Suggestion: When a town falls some of the chunks reset after. I think this should be disabled as it serves no real purpose, and doesnt even work half the time. It resets half the chunks, and leaves the other half remaining. There is no issue of space, as the world is huge and there arent even a ton of new towns being created on the server. It also causes confusion within players who quit then join back and find that half there house is missing due to this.


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I agree, this will give players a chance who cant play very often, (or have much balance to throw in their town bank) to come back and reclaim their once claimed town/builds.

This'll also make it a lot easier on newer people and give them a better chance to understand the server and get a good look around and learn the commands.

nobody would have to stress having money in the town bank as often, of course its important, but running out of money shouldn't completely screw you over if you haven't had a chance to hop on and put anything in there.